Traditionally, education has been very important to the people of Eatonville. Moreover, P.E.C. views quality education of the community’s children as THE guarantor of the community’s ability to survive and thrive.



Community Computer Arts Lab & Learning Center 

The Excellence Without Excuse (E-WE) Community Computer Arts Lab & Learning Center is the nucleus of P.E.C.’s educational excellence thrust. E-WE’s mission is to help students be successful in school and in life.  Since its beginning in February 1997, experienced, professionally trained staff have rendered approximately 80,000 hours in identifying and addressing learning needs of more than 3,500 students in grades pre-K – 12.  After school and summer programs are designed to assist students with school work when such help may not be available to them; to help students reach at least their appropriate grade level in reading, math, science, and writing skills; to provide them needed access to reliable technology; and to help students retain and build on what they have learned in school. 

Community Issues Addressed by the Program

Low reading levels of students in grades pre-K-12

Difficulty in achieving satisfactory academic progress in school work

Lack of access to computer technology in the home and limited access in the neighborhood school

Limited proficiency in such basic life skills as telling time, counting money, and public speaking.

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