A truly authentic “grassroots effort,” the members of the Yards & Gardens Club of Historic Eatonville commit to growing organic vegetables and fruits so that Eatonville residents have the access to good food “just down the street” from where they live.  


The mission of the Yards & Gardens Club of Historic Eatonville is to develop a sustainable system to provide locally grown organic produce, thereby decreasing the nutrition­ based health disparities which currently exist within the community. 


In the Summer of 2011, … 2012 for the 125th Anniversary of the incorporation of Town of Eatonville, popularly known as “the oldest incorporated African American municipality in the United States.”

The Club Members determined that they would continue their monthly meetings (every 2nd Monday), rotating the location o[tlie meetings at each member’s home.

After the 2012 commemoration, club members determine they want “to make a difference” in the way that the people in Eatonville are eating. They recall “back in the day” that Everyone-had a garden. and that people lived healthier lives. 

They noted that their neighbors were suffering from all s01is of ailments, like diabetes, high-blood pressure, overweight and obesity, and they believed that, a large part of the problem, had to do with diet. Club members believed that “Good food could make a difference.”

Between 2013 and 2015, P.E.C. received 2 separate $10,000 grants on behalf of the Club project: 1 from Florida Blue and I from the Florida Department of Agriculture.

By 2015, the Club had identified the Spring of 2017 as the date to unveil its ‘.’Pilot Garden” and had identified the location for its 4 garden patches.

As of January 2017, “The Pilot Garden” is “On Schedule!” with crops of greens (collards, mustards, and turnips), beets, carrots, cabbage, and scallions ready for consumption.

To this point in time, all of the daily upkeep (e.g., watering and weeding) has been provided as donations by club members.

COVID-19 Notice

As of February 2020, the Yards & Gardens Club suspended its in-person meetings.  

We anticipate resuming our operations as of February 2021.

The projected expenses for FY22, October 1,
2021 – September 30, 2022, for the Yards &
Gardens Club of Historic Eatonville are: